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Piazza Duomo Milan

I hope you have all had a good Christmas. Now it’s Boxing day, and so it’s all down hill from now on!
Here in Italy we’ve had a very mild time, weather wise, this morning a pleasant 12° centigrade in Milan. Mustn’t complain.
Christmas is I think a good time of year, because it’s a time when you can, hopefully, take some time off and get to meet family and friends. Also, given that we have a break with the normal routine, it can also be a time of contemplation; thinking about life, what we are doing and what we have done, indeed what the future holds for us.

If all this brings to mind positive emotions, all well and good. Obviously you’re doing something right in your life. If however you have mixed emotions it’s probably a good moment to take stock of what’s been happening to you. To think about your situation, and start making plans of how to turn life around.

Three things are, I think, important to remember here, and they are… firstly;

The past no longer exists, or at least there is nothing more we can do about it, and thus best let go of graciously with respect, but nonetheless left to be released from our worries and thoughts;

Secondly, that we never know what the future holds in store for us, and may well never happen, and so certainly it’s not worth the worrying about. Sometimes, I enjoy contemplating the possibility of parallel universes, and of the possibility of switching from one reality to another, effortlessly leaving behind unwanted situations and physical existence;

Lastly, and most importantly, the present moment is in truth the only moment of our lives, and the one we must pay most attention to. We must live our present as we wish to live our dreams.


Xmas 2016

It is interesting to note that multi-tasking in our lives does not really exist. Recent studies have shown for example, that when you are driving your car, and listening to spoken words on the radio our brains find it very difficult to process written information, such as sign posts, at the same time. That is because these two activities use the same part of the brain, and so get confused in the process. (What we normally think of as multi-tasking is doing one or more automatic spontaneous tasks together with perhaps only one more conscious/thinking one). This is undoubtedly why, so many therapy techniques work so effectively. Seeing that the brain can only process so much similar information at the same time, it stands to reason that one joins the other. In the same way that for a musician it is impossible to play a slow and sentimental melody at the same time as imagining a fast a aggressive one, it is impossible for a person not to heal and cure their bodies and relationships if they are imagining universal love and compassion.



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