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Why have trauma? (Hypnosis for PTSD)

No matter how you consider us human beings, we are still nonetheless at the top of this animal tree here on earth. This is not saying we are either good, bad or indifferent, but just maintaining the fact that we are nevertheless the domineering animal on this little lump of rock we call home. Earth. And so for the sake of this argument, we are merely animals.

The reason for us becoming the leading species is because of our superior brain, and for our ability to learn and foresee the future. Normally our abilities serve us well, and we manage relatively effortlessly to navigate our ways though life safely and for the most part procuring the successful survival of our kind.

We do this using our brains, and by learning. The human brain works amazingly well by using imagery, and for us it is very very easy to remember important stuff. Boring or unnecessary stuff being often more elusive, as any student will know. And what is important stuff, well, recognising family and friends, how to get home, and where the fridge is!

Ah yes, I almost forgot, how to stay away of life threatening situations, and of the survival of our genes! And so when we have a life threatening moment, this is by nature an important event! And for our survival and that of our genes, it’s important to stay away of future similar situations. So our brains do this very effectively by repeating the incident over and over again, so that we learn, and survive.

This is a wonderful piece of engineering for the continuation of our species, but unfortunately it isn’t designed to help us having a peaceful and fulfilling life in modern society. So what do you do if you’re suffering from trauma? Your brain is high-wired into repeating it over and over again, engraining it into your DNA at the deepest level, making it become more and more and more important to your everyday life.

Fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel. And things are not unreversible. Just as we can manipulate our minds into being better learners and memorisers ( as with Buzan) we can also do the same thing to learn to forget, interpret our lives in desirable terms, and fill our minds with positive thoughts.

Easy. All you need to do is find the right key.

(Hypnosis for PTSD)


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